I have a rather long list of interesting sports and historic racing cars that I'd love to create 3D illustrations of… one of those is the beautiful C-Type Jaguar from the early 50s. A while back I did begin such a project, but it was set aside for various reasons. Recently I've resurrected it and I will plan to offer prints of the images I render from it similar to the Group 44 TR6.

I've included an image below that shows a little of what this process is like… first I have to locate some reasonably good plan view drawings of the car. The Internet is a great resource, but it can fall short, too. For the C-type, I actually found a couple of good reference drawings.

These drawings are scaled carefully and then imported as backdrop images into the 3D space and arranged appropriately. And then the fun begins!

And here are a few early test renders of the Jag:

I don't expect to move to rapidly through this project, as I do have commercial projects I'm working on. But I'll post updates periodically!

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